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Zechs Merquise
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Character: Zechs Merquise / Milliardo Peacecraft
Series/Fandom: Gundam Wing
Original or Alternate: Original

Age: 19
Gender: Male
Species: Human
Sexuality: Heterosexual

Appearance: Milliardo is the epitome of handsome beauty. He has long platinum blond hair that falls to the small of his back and a set of "angel wing" bangs that fall into his eyes. He does, unfortunately, hide his beautiful face under a metallic helmet nearly all the time. The only part above the nose that can be seen are the glinting blue eyes behind two glass covered eye-slits. The rest of his gorgeous body is encased in a very formal, very archaic-looking red OZ uniform including all the lovely golden frills, the white gloves, the cod piece white pants, and knee high, highly polished black boots. Oh, and the one-shouldered cape, the sword, and the ornate pistol for formal occasions.

Personality: Zechs is your ultimate soldier, ace pilot. While he is not necessarily suicidal like Heero Yuy (the supposed 'Perfect Soldier') he is extremely loyal and follows his cause(s) with fierce determination. He knows nearly no true defeat. Merquise is a natural leader, especially in combat situations, and will easily take command when the need arises. He is calm and rational in the heat of opposition. He also has a natural charm, and both his movements and speech take on an eloquent pattern in an 'every-day' environment. This does not mean he is above showing his darker side. The Lightning Baron is a fierce opponent and he will lash out like a tiger at anyone who displeases him in one form or another. He can be temperamental when things don't go just right for him. He has a lot of pride in his formidable skills and boasts both subconsciously and consciously alike. His true upbringing taught him to be polite and formal, but as a soldier he can also be relaxed and informal when he forces himself. Probably his only weakness in social behavior is to those he likes very much; while an easy charmer of the ladies in general, he actually has trouble around those that he really likes and will clam up despite his "relaxed" responses.

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